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Tighten Pro - in the Mac App Store

Tighten Pro is now available in the Mac App Store. Simply click on the icon to the left to purchase directly from Apple. Or choose by clicking the image to the right.

Mac Developer: Pretty secure Mac App Store receipt validation in under 10 minutes

Here's a quick screencast showing how easy it is to add a custom Mac App Store receipt implementation to your app with Tighten Pro:

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Mac Developer: GCC warning: __attribute__((always inline))

If you generate a store implementation with inlining checked and GCC complains about __attribute__((always_inline)), you can either change the generation options or remove the always inline attribute:

/* inline function prototype attributes macro */
#ifdef _DEBUG
#define APPTITE_INLINE_ATTR __attribute__((always_inline))
#define APPTITE_INLINE_ATTR __attribute__((always_inline)) __attribute__((nodebug))

Change the APPTITE_INLINE_ATTR preprocessor define to remove the ((always inline)) attribute:

/* removed always inline attribute */
#ifdef _DEBUG
#define APPTITE_INLINE_ATTR __attribute__((nodebug))


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Mac Developer: 1.0.2 Errata

If you're using version 1.0.2, the links from the Help menu to the Tutorial and Manual (PDF files) are not working. To view the Tutorial & Manual, choose AppTight Pro Sample App from the Help menu which will reveal the contents of the Resources folder. The two PDFs are located there as well.


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Mac Developer: Hello World!

It's Cocoa, it's C++, it's ANSI, it's GCC. It's the official website for Tighten App (formerly AppTight Pro)!

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Mac Developer: Tighten Pro (AppTight Pro) Launches

AppTight Pro launched today.

Due to a request from one of our fellow iOS Developers (, I am changing the name of AppTight Pro - App Store Code Generator to Tighten Pro.

Please note the change.

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By : Tighten Tighten Pro (AppTight Pro) Launches 0 comments




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