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Tighten Pro - in the Mac App Store

Tighten Pro is now available in the Mac App Store. Simply click on the icon to the left to purchase directly from Apple. Or choose PKCS#7Viewer.app by clicking the image to the right.

Mac Developer: redpig/patient0 · GitHub

redpig/patient0 · GitHub: "What is [patient0]? [patient0] provides a foundation for exploring trust relationships between the user, running processes, and privileges on OS X using runtime code injection and function interposition. In particular, [patient0] is a tool for performing widespread process 'infection' by making key applications, like Dock and Finder, spread the custom code. [patient0] is built on [libpatient0]."

How do you know that only your own code is running inside your app? AND, will codesigning checks be enough?

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By : Tighten redpig/patient0 · GitHub


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