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Mac Developer: mikeash.com: Friday Q&A 2009-01-30: Code Injection

mikeash.com: Friday Q&A 2009-01-30: Code Injection: "Basically, to override NSApplicationMain, you can do something like this:

#define DYLD_INTERPOSE(_replacment,_replacee) \ __attribute__((used)) static struct{ const void* replacment; const void* replacee; } _interpose_##_replacee \ __attribute__ ((section ('__DATA,__interpose'))) = { (const void*)(unsigned long)&_replacment, (const void*)(unsigned long)&_replacee };

DYLD_INTERPOSE(_SAApplicationMain, NSApplicationMain); "

mikeash.com seems to be a particularly rich source of low-level darwin techniques. In this case, a commenter has pointed out an easy (but unsupported/not for shipping applications) technique of chaining system functions. Check lists.apple.com for reasons why it's not supported.

Use the force, er, I mean source:


And take a look at the unit tests.

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By : Tighten mikeash.com: Friday Q&A 2009-01-30: Code Injection


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