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Mac Developer: Some iPhone 5s owners reporting 'Blue Screen of Death' with iWork apps

Some iPhone 5s owners reporting 'Blue Screen of Death' with iWork apps - Posts regarding the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) began to appear on Apple's support boards in September, with users claiming that their iPhone 5s units would crash when using Apple's iWork apps.

Sometime in the 90s, Richard Gabriel had a though-provoking article in his column observing that in biological systems, very fast evolution comes before extinction. It's been awhile and I may be inaccurately paraphrasing, so I'll say it here: nobody needs a new operating system every year. Nobody needs an operating system with a ton of new features that causes existing application software to cease to function incorrectly.

In the end, Linux will be running most of the important systems in the world because nobody is forcing anyone to upgrade their systems for some commercially motivated strategy guised as a benefit to the ultimate user of the product or in response to some perceived market need generated by retarded online "journalists" or worse "M&A" investment bankers. I could just as easily have written this post on my G4 PowerBook, which is overloaded with 10.5 and is still working perfectly after just 5 years.

The consumer culture of disposable things is going to be replaced by a culture of valued, recyclable, renewable things.

Richard Gabriel http://www.dreamsongs.com/Essays.html

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By : Tighten Some iPhone 5s owners reporting 'Blue Screen of Death' with iWork apps


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