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Tighten Pro is now available in the Mac App Store. Simply click on the icon to the left to purchase directly from Apple. Or choose PKCS#7Viewer.app by clicking the image to the right.

Mac Developer: genkiyooka/MacRuntimeSandboxDetection · GitHub

genkiyooka/MacRuntimeSandboxDetection · GitHub: "For CFPlugIn and AudioUnit developers - how to check Mac App Store sandbox capabilities at runtime."
Apologies for the delay, but just checked in bug fixes for detecting Mac OS X sandbox capabilities at runtime. I'm using this in production code now, and I believe it is stable and working correctly on 10.6-10.9.

This code is quite useful when building solutions that may be DeveloperID or Mac App Store and/or sandboxed. If you discover any cases that are not correctly handled, please let me know.

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By : Tighten genkiyooka/MacRuntimeSandboxDetection · GitHub


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