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Mac Developer: Flipboard, we hardly knew ye

I'm toying around with the idea of becoming and independent detector of malware. It's such an important field. Take Flipboard (Android) for instance. It looks to me like Flipboard "synthesized" a login to Facebook on my behalf (I was using it without a login), effectively bypassing my privacy concerns so the app (I'm certain) could harvest my address book. That was immediately followed by an attempt to manipulate my Facebook permissions to allow the Flipboard Android app to create a Like for the Flipboard Facebook page programmatically. This is all very nasty, borderline malware activity that is indicative of the desperation that technology companies experience as they take on rounds of funding where pressure to monetize overrules common sense.

Best of luck with that strategy, guys. Let's see how you keep on that growth curve if Facebook locks you out of their ecosystem.


By : Tighten Flipboard, we hardly knew ye


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