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Mac Developer: PKCS#7Viewer Updated to 64-bit binary

Refreshed the binaries for PKCS#7Viewer for 64-bit operating systems including all versions of Mac OS X and macOS from 10.8 Mountain Lion to 10.15 Catalina.

Assuming it makes it to the Mac App Store, you can find it there; otherwise, there is a free version available for download from this website.

The question is: "Am I feeling motivated enough to try getting PCKS#7Viewer into the Mac App Store?" Certainly the codesigning procedure has been streamlined in Xcode.
PKCS7Viewer has been notarized for easier access on Catalina - however - some features still are not available; I am continuing to research this issue.

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Mac Developer: Introducing The Quarzenegger for macOS (X).

Now with binary download notarized by Apple's new notary service.
If you started using Quartz Composer before 2014...

(like, say, in 2007)

...or if you have been tasked with updating a project that includes QTZ files created "before your time”...

...or maybe you found a QC composition on the internet that will not open in Quartz Composer without errors...

. ... then The Quarzenegger may be for you.

At the initial stages of Apple's transition from OpenGL to Metal, the future of Quartz Composer was unclear. In a perfect world, QTZ files would run on macOS and iOS but until then, the least we would want is for reliable support on the Mac desktop and 2014-2018 were decidedly shakey times for QC enthusiasts. The composition editor seemed to crash frequently, limiting its usefulness.

With The Quarzenegger, you can open any of these older QC compositions (*.qtz files) and find and correct the CIKernel compilation errors. Once the errors have been removed, you can then save the file and open it again in the Quartz Composer editor and, VOILA, all the connections should be intact, to go along with your newly debugged shader code.

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Mac Developer: Quarantino updated to 64-bit 1.0.8

Posted a quick refresh of Quarantino here on the website. Still need to get these apps notarized but we're at least on the modern 64-bit runtime! Download in the usual places...

As it turns out, Application bundles containing so-called FAT binaries (in this case 32/64-Bit x86 and x86-64 architectures) are not eligible for notarization through Apple's gatekeeper notary service. At least this is the case for binaries built after June 2019. In any event, I have thinned the Quarantino package so that it contains only x86-64 code and now it's been notarized and as such, conveniently installs on Catalina (10.15). It should run on systems as early as 10.8. If you, for some reason, need even earlier support, the original 32-bit version (Gatekeeper approved) is available for download here.

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Mac Developer: Bluewave, Blue Tooth, it ain't nothin' but the blues today...

Such an attacker can then passively intercept and decrypt all device messages, and/or forge and inject malicious messages.

Perhaps I overreacted by patching all my OS versions.


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Mac Developer: Find Support Here

This is the linkage for support.


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Mac Developer: Can you hear the metal shader compiler whirring?

Can do.  Will do.  Have done.


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