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Mac Developer: Quarantino updated to 64-bit 1.0.8

Posted a quick refresh of Quarantino here on the website. Still need to get these apps notarized but we're at least on the modern 64-bit runtime! Download in the usual places...

As it turns out, Application bundles containing so-called FAT binaries (in this case 32/64-Bit x86 and x86-64 architectures) are not eligible for notarization through Apple's gatekeeper notary service. At least this is the case for binaries built after June 2019. In any event, I have thinned the Quarantino package so that it contains only x86-64 code and now it's been notarized and as such, conveniently installs on Catalina (10.15). It should run on systems as early as 10.8. If you, for some reason, need even earlier support, the original 32-bit version (Gatekeeper approved) is available for download here.

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By : Tighten Quarantino updated to 64-bit 1.0.8


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